Saturday, October 27, 2012

Updates, Etc

My books are now available for the Nook, on Smashwords, and of course the Amazon Kindle.

I've been working on several projects at once. I had given myself an October 15th deadline to get one of them done, but I failed. Ah well. I'll get it done! I want to put out at least three in the next four to five months or so, because early next year I want to work on a behemoth novel that I have been working on for a decade. To give you a small idea of what it's about, I'll tell you that I started writing it long before all of these books came out about sexy, mega rich, alpha males. I have always had a thing for sexy, mega rich, alpha males I guess.

Ugh. Other work to do. You know Frankenstorm is coming, right??!!


  1. Accidentally on Purpose was put into my recommended for you by Amazon, it sounded intriguing so I bought it, and I was completely floored! This book was amazing! I am a fast reader and it took me about 3 hours and I could not put it down!!!! I laughed, and cried! When I finished I immediately went back to kindle store to see if you had written anything else, and low and behold, there was Pieces of Rhys. Read it immediately. I LOVED this Novella so much! I connected with Lindsey on so many levels(she has a great name too)! I seriously hope you have more work coming out soon! You have a lifelong fan in me!

  2. I loved, loved, loved Accidentally on Purpose. I cried and laughed and frowned and cried and laughed. I probably got the unedited version because I noticed that there were quite a few mistakes but it was so good that I couldn't care less. I also read Pieces of Rhys and liked it a lot. I got a recommendation from Amazon after reading the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day, which I really liked as well. It's a different genre but I also strongly recommend it. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that you are a wonderful writer and I will buy your next book any time. Good luck!

  3. I just read Pieces Of Rhyes, and I loved it!!!!!! According to your reading list, we have the same tastes in reading. I just added you to that list. Your writing is awesome. I can't wait to read Accidently On Purpose and any of your next works. Pieces made me laugh out loud and bawl like a baby. When a book moves me like that you can call me a fan for life also. It sounds like its really hard getting the word out there, please don't give up you have a great talent and a kick ass sense of humor. I will do everything I can to promote you. I also see you live in N.J. I hope you and your family are doing ok. Thank you & Good luck!!!